Therapeutic approach

My therapeutic approach has been influenced by a range of disciplines and anti-oppressive frameworks - however, my practice is most influenced by Narrative Therapy.  Narrative therapy invites the therapist and person seeking change to work collaboratively in unpacking unhelpful narratives that are carried and re-authoring our own narratives towards new, helpful changes.

Problems often dominate the story of who we are and help us to make unhelpful conclusions about ourselves.  In fact, many people report that those problems can completely consume their sense of who they are. From this approach, I hold the stance that ‘you are not the problem, the problem is the problem’ (White, M) and together, we can explore how problems may be dominating your story, working together to re-author it.

In my experience I have worked with many individuals, families, and couples renegotiating their relationship to various problems.  Contact me today to discuss re-authoring your narrative.